Jeremy Lin expresses “anger,” “heartbreak” at recent attacks on Asian Americans

The videos are vile: Men running up behind usually elderly Asians, people just walking down the street, and knocking them to the ground violently. Like a blindside football tackle without pads.

It’s a form of violence against Asians on the rise around the Bay Area and seen in New York and other cities around the nation. It’s an action that is cowardly, disgusting and an outlet for anger fueled by the rhetoric of politicians who only know how to inspire fear and hatred. People feel the need to blame someone for the coronavirus and its impacts, and they turn that hatred on Asian Americans who had nothing to do with either the disease or our nation’s lackluster response to it.

Former Warrior and Knick Jeremy Lin speaks about these incidents on “Race in America: A Candid Conversation,” airing Tuesday night on NBC Sports Bay Area (after the Warriors postgame show).

“I feel bad for somebody who harbors hate for somebody else, who they’ve never met, just based on skin color,” he says. “That makes me want to do something. It makes me want to educate people or speak out and find ways to make a difference.